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Awwan can be installed by downloading the binary or by building it manually, either using Go tools or from source code.


The binary installation can be done by downloading pre-build file based on your operating system (OS) and put it your system PATH.


The following binary is the build based on latest tip on main branch.

Once the binary filed downloaded, set the executable permission,

$ chmod +x <path/to/downloaded>/awwan

Arch Linux

Arch Linux user can install awwan from the following repository,

Server =


The manual installation require,

One can build the binary using Go tools directly,

$ go install

or by building from source code, by cloning the awwan repository using git first,

$ git clone

And then by running "make build" in the cloned "awwan" directory,

$ cd awwan
$ make build

The awwan binary now should be built in current directory.