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awwan is configuration management software, infrastructure as file and directory layout.

In other words, awwan is a command-line interface (CLI) to shell script, that can execute multiple lines of commands in local or remote server using shell or SSH.

Do you have a collection of shell scripts to manage one more similar server? Do you ever want to execute only part of your script? Are you get tired with learning others syntax and tools for provisioning your own server, while you need is a handful knowledge of shell script?

If yes, awwan is the right tools for you.


  • Encryption. Awwan can read and copy encrypted files.

  • Encrypted variables. Awwan can read and executed script that contains encrypted variables.

  • Dynamic script with variables. An awwan script is like shell script but can be executed in different remote servers with different values.

  • Dynamic script execution. Unlike shell script, awwan can select which lines to be executed, either by number or by range.

  • Provisioning in local environment using basic shell.

  • Provisioning in remote server using SSH and SFTP.

From the CLI perspective, awwan is feature complete.

Most enhancements and bug fixes probably in the web user interface with clear use cases and issues.

Feel free to open new feature or report a bug in our issue tracker.


CHANGELOG  — History of each awwan release.

Installation  — Link to download and/or install awwan manually from source code.

Manual page  — The manual page describe how to setup and use awwan.


Repository  — The repository of this software project.

Mailing list  — Place for discussion and sending patches.

Issues  — Place to open new issue or request for new feature.